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Weight records

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Age   /   Weight: 

Birth    1 # 2 oz     1 # 1 oz       1 # 0 oz       1 # 0 oz     1 # 0 oz      1 # 1 oz        1 # 2 oz

1 day   1 # 3 oz     1 # 3 oz      1 # 2.5 oz    1 # 3 oz    1 # 2 oz      1 # 2.5 oz      1 # 3.5 oz

1 wk     2 # 0 oz    1 # 12.5 oz  1 # 12 oz    2 # 0 oz   1 # 12 oz   1 # 11.5 oz      2 # 0.5 oz

3 wk     3 # 3.5 oz    3 # 0 oz     2 # 15 oz    2 # 12 oz    2 # 10 oz   2 # 10 oz      3 # 2 oz

4 wk       4 # 0 oz      4 # 4 oz    4 # 0 oz     4 # 3 oz     3 # 10.5 oz    3 # 10 oz     4 # 11 oz                                                                                                           

5 wk     4 # 15 oz    5 # 7oz      5 # 5oz                 ?             ?              4 # 9 oz        5 # 15 oz                               

6 wk      6 # 1 oz     7 # 0 oz     6 # 2 oz       6 # 1 oz      6 # 6 oz      5 # 14 oz      7 # 0 oz 

7 wk     8 # 14 oz    9 # 13 oz   9 # 1 oz   9 # 6 oz     9 # 7 oz          8 # 7 oz         9 # 12 oz

8 wk     11 # 3 oz    12 # 8 oz   12 # 10 oz   11 # 12 oz   11 # 7 oz  11 # 3 oz    12 # 14 oz 

    ?                            14 # 9 oz                         14 # 5 oz                                            15 # 0 oz

9 wk      15 # 6 oz    17 # 0 oz    16 # 8 oz                                           15 # 7 oz

10 wk    17 # 7 oz                                                                19 # 0 oz   18 # 0 oz

As we grow at Di-Da GSD Companions

Posted by Susan on April 24, 2016 at 10:00 AM

24-Apr-17 2nd night with Sir Lancelot and Scarlett sleeping tethered in my room. Dakota was on 'their' dog bed. She moved to other side of my bed or to 2nd bed closer to mine. The 2 cuddled on dog bed by sewing machine.

24-Apr-17 Woken in middle of night to wrestling and paper noise. See Sir Lancelot and Scarlett on top of hot tub cover.

24-Apr-17 Somehow Sir Lancelot's leash came off. And Scarlett's was broken. Tied Scarlett's leash and tethered both again. Back to sleep fine for all.

24-Apr-17 Woke a 2nd time to Scarlett roaming and tussling about 6:00. This time I just moved them outside. Scarlett leash came undone.

23-Apr-17 Sir Lancelot and Scarlett spend the night in my bedroom, tethered to the sewing machine. No accidents. Both sleep on a doggie bed nearby

23-Apr-17 Take Sir Lancelot and Scarlett to UKC shows. Scarlett whimpers but all quiet by time I hit Highway 52.

23-Apr-17 Scarlett gets carsick. I had only fed them oatmeal. No pees and no poos though

23-Apr-17 Joanna brought Marc Antony (Xander) to show to socialize and watch. She really liked it. Delivered AKC packet - but kept AKC registration as she might be interested in showing. Need to discuss how to handle. Xander had a BLAST playing with Joy's Halle x boy's son Luther. Who championed in the 3rd show. Yeah !

23-Apr-17 Guess I won't be relying on garlic flakes this year.

22-Apr-17 Scarlett turns and runs away when I call her. The sterner I get, the faster and further she runs. Not good.

20-Apr-17 take Scarlett and Sir Lancelot for longer walk than down and back. No whimpering this time. They do very well. Drink a fair amount when we get back. 'Kennel-up' quite willingly, with a treat just for habit and to get relation of kennel and treat.

18-Apr-17 take Scarlett and Sir Lancelot for walk down Paxton, minus the cul-de-sac. Both keep just behind my feet, sometime one on each side. Scarlett whimpers most of the way down and all way back. Thought maybe she needed to go potty, but didn't seem to happen upon return. Surprised neither drank that much when we got back.

17-Apr-17 Sir Lancelot and Scarlett walk down Paxton with me - did very , very good. Beaneath my feet a little, but mostly behind. Scarlett whimpers most of the way, though. Potty?

16-Apr-17 very fun time chasing Dakota. Got some nice videos this day I think.

16-Apr-17 I blow out the garage with the leaf blower. Scarlett and Cleopatra are quiet, observed at first then quite curious, even though the draft is almost in their face.

16-Apr-17 Sir Lancelot stands further away but doesn't whine. Cleopatra and Scarlett looked at it from 2 feet away.

16-Apr-17 Romeo gets a bath for famliy pickup. He hugs me as I entered the utility room, where he had hist 1st bath. We ended up in the tub - much easier. He did fine, stood still, resolved to the process. He hugged me as I dried him

16-Apr-17 Vacuuming - again, Sir Lancelot is the most distance, watching. Romeo chills out even though I go right by him. Scarlett and Cleopatra are curious. All came up to see it as I lifted it over the gate.

16-Apr-17 After Romeo left, I fed Sir Lancelot solo and put Scarlett and Cleopatra in the wrap around. Then I couldn't see Sir Lancelot -- found him by the door to the kitchen.

16-Apr-17 Suzanna and Matt here to pickup yellow. Matt is such a puppy magnet. Cleopatra sits on his feet, just like Andes used to do. She's a born therapy dog.

16-Apr-17 stacking pictures -- boo on Sir Lancelot.

15-Apr-17 or might be the 14th -- Suzanne's report on yellows trip home - cried a little then curled up with the scent sock. No car sick. Being as good as she could be .

15-Apr-17 Dry crate 1st night with Suzanna. Keeping separate from her other pups - 88 pound Brutus might be scared, Sundae very curious. Juliet loves Matt to pieces.

15-Apr-17 2 pups poop in wrap around overnight

15-Apr-17 pups cry as I try to laze around. Hungry I think, 8:30 or so. Then I remember -- Romeo is solo ! But he's dry ! Yeah ! He lasted more than 8 hours ! Good for him, but I feel bad.

15-Apr-17 We trek to the north field. Romeo potties well. Stops to potty a 2nd time 100 yards later. Then stinky. Then potty #3 turning back toward house.

15-Apr-17 Taking pups for walk before bedtime, at least 2 pups poop.

15-Apr-17 Romeo and Cleopatra rather noisy. Sir Lancelot and Scarlett observe. After about 10 minuts, all OK. This was about midnight

14-Apr-17 Yellow - potty reward after no accidents being solo crated. Her bedding was dry.

14-Apr-17 Walked pups in North prairie as become our morning custom. This time I take the tub rope on a rod. Yellow and Romeo tug on it. See video .

14-Apr-17 lightening .. Good Dakota's not with the pups. Don't want her to teach them fear.

14-Apr-17 Taking pair pictures of Romeo and Juliet,t, Romeo jumps from the tramp and lands on his feet. Doesn't seem to be the worse for the wear at all.

13-Apr-17 I let the pups out to play before heading to later sub job.

13-Apr-17 Sir Lancelot and Cleopatra come in to explore the kitchen area.

13-Apr-17 3 pups play in the south of the north field. I change the laundry and look out to see Dakota leading 5 down Greenbriar going east .. What? Tested collar, and yes it still works.

13-Apr-17 2 pups get into the Chewy food delivery (check pictures)

13-Apr-17 Scarlett - for the time I spotted her move while running in the yard today, she appears to move like Dakota. That is, no crossover. No meet?

13-Apr-17 4 pups under the tree just west of drive, digging at chips beneath the branches. Sir Lancelot is off to the side.

13-Apr-17 Scarlett strolls toward the driveway - she looks back and see no friends following. She waits.

13-Apr-17 I find all 3 girls on the cardboard full of dirt that's in my culvert after repairing the broken invisible fence wire Sunday (Scarlett, Cleopatra, Jlietw)

13-Apr-17 I guide all back to the wrap around for the night. Yellow sees what I'm doing and steps back. Then runs away from me. I scold her.

13-Apr-17 Juliet crated solo. If she whines, it's less than 30 seconds. Some of her liter mates did, but all quiet in 10 minutes

13-Apr-17 pups in wrap around whine. Yellow crated solo is quiet. I let her ouyt, she peeds. Still quiet.

8-Apr-17 the garage was quiet when I went out.

8-Apr-17 Rhett was quiet when I went to let him out 1st. He was in a solo crate. Marc Antony pooped in the crate. Cleopatra did as we walked out to the fire pit after waking up.

8-Apr-17 Dakota didn't finish her food from the morning.

8-Apr-17 Taking the pups out to the field after waking up, most pups leave me to join Dakota. Marc Antony looks very nice when I call for him to come. Rhett is scenting something in the rocks behind the kennel.

8-Apr-17 Dakota pie pipered pups around the back yard after their feeding. Then they crossed the drive .. And went down it, turning north to go down Greenbriar. What ? ! ? I called her to come back and they all turned and ran up the drive. Cleopatra was first up and went to Dakota's food she hadn't eaten from the morning.

8-Apr-17 Bringing Rhett inside, he picks out a few chewiers from the wire basket. And a serious mop chase with Marc Antony

8-Apr-17 Walk down Paxton with Cleopatra and yellow on leash. Yellow whines, Cleopatra is very good. When we get back, Sir Lancelot falls sleep in my lap. And twice yellow isn't with the pack. I find her on the deck.

8-Apr-17 I sit on the porch with Airbnb friend K and the pups, listening to the rain. Sir Lancelot is in my lap. He seems to look at me when it thunders.

8-Apr-17 Friend TvB comments this litter is so quiet. No barking.

7-Apr-17 Romeo inside playing in kitchen area. He pees in the corner that was setup with paper for weeks 4 - 6 or so.

7-Apr-17 Pups rest on the landing with me as we wait for puppy visitors. Sir Lancelot lays his head on my lap and falls asleep, Romeo snuggles behind Sir Lancelot.

7-Apr-17 Rhett wiggles in front and looks at me with his soulful eyes - melting me. Sir Lancelot now with pack, Rhett on his own. Yellow says hi to Dakota then off to join Cleopatra. Rhett's head now on my lap.

7-Apr-17 Sir Lancelot pushes the garage door to the kitchen and it opens. Marc Antony follows him inside, then Scarlett. Then all follow except leave Sir Lancelot and Marc Antony in, have others follow Dakota.

7-Apr-17 Yellow and Cleopatra in the kitchen, yellow stays by me, Cleopatra goes away.

7-Apr-17 Sir Lancelot and Marc Antony go to Dakota's bed in her cave. I hear them cry when I'm downstairs. Sir Antony seems to have blood on muzzle. Dakota must have corrected. Too much in-her-face for a grieving grandma.

7-Apr-17 Cleopatra, Sir Lancelot, Rhett in her lap (who?). Scarlett chews on a straw. Rhett gives a lot of kisses.

7-Apr-17 Saw good movement on Cleopatra. Second time seeing such.

7-Apr-17 Bringing pups in to enjoy the kitchen. After 15 minutes or so I hear yellow crying at the back door - with Dakota, of course. So they join.

7-Apr-17 Yellow seems to play with Dakota a lot, pawing at her face and approaching her more than the other pups.

7-Apr-17 Cleopatra and yellow play with little fish that Katy gave them. Dakota takes it from them. I tell Dakota to let the pups have it and she does after a few prompts. Treat time !

7-Apr-17 All pups are outside the kitchen door when I open it to do to crate pups for the night. Awhhh

7-Apr-17 On solo night, all is quiet outside except Rhett until I opened the door. I retrieve bring to kitchen. He plays with a ball a bit. Putting him back in solo carate, he's fine. Other's cry for about 5 minutes then all fine after that.

7-Apr-17 Maybe Dakota's on edge because she's taking in a lot of grief from others.

6-Apr-17 I know where Rhett gets his stare from - Dakota ! The observer

6-Apr-17 3 guys in bright green uniforms run a leaf blower across the street. Pups are all quiet.

6-Apr-17 About 9:30, I stroll around the yard. They follow like a piped piper, walking better than ever. Then off to bed.

6-Apr-17 I put Marc Antony, yellow and Rhett in kennel with scent articles. Darn - I should have put in Katy fur ! The four in the wrap around squak more. But all quiet after 8 minutes or so.

5-Apr-17 Beginning of tornado season, the siren lasts for 3 minutes. Sir Lancelot, Marc Antony and Cleopatra howl for sure. Hard to tell. Meant to be out there when it started - darn !

5-Apr-17 3 - 5 of the pups get leash brining. Might have seen nice movement on Sir Lancelot

5-Apr-17 Oskar comes to visit. He peeks over the coral setup on the deck. He and Dakota kiss. Scarlett kisses him back. So sweet !

4-Apr-17 Yesterday and today, any time I see a pup lying still, I freak out. Looking in the rear view mirror on the way to the vet, a white was laying face up in the corner. I panicked. But all OK.

4-Apr-17 Trying to keep the pups clean, I let them out of the kitchen play. They run across the carpet and down the front stairs. I fed two - the rest ran over to the assessment area and deck spot to play.

4-Apr-17 Romeo was great for his bath. Marc Antony was fine. He wasn't interested in food reward. Rhett didn't like bath - - food bribe helped him. Sir Lancelot shivers but he's OK.

4-Apr-17 Yellow was the best for her bath - calm. But didn't really like the water pouring on her. Cleopatra almost as good or maybe a tie.

4-Apr-17 I had arranged the wire crate by the door opening for a time out session for them. After coming back outside, I see all 7 cuddled in it. Would have been a very fun picture.

4-Apr-17 8:15 I called to file a police report. Breeder friend in WI encouraged me - saying she'd pay the dogs roaming fines. Pointed out that a gun was shot in the neighborhood. Illegal.

3-Apr-17 On the road to the vet. Cleopatra, Scarlett and Romeo are in a crate behind me. Some whimpering but all quiet before we get out of Rochester. In the 2nd, larger crate closest to the gate were Rhett, yellow, Sir Antony and Marc Antony. Rhett was quiet. One of the whites happed until we got to Highway 63. Then all quiet.

3-Apr-17 Scarlett gets sick just before we got out of the vehicle at the vets.

3-Apr-17 Scarlett kisses the vet tech while we wait and wags her tail. Same for Cleopatra. Romeo sat calminly in my lap. Had to carry Rhett into the building, he wouldn't follow. Yellow kissed the tech. Yellow was more submissive, milder than the rest. Non stop wagging on her. Sir Lancelot was a lover. Marc Antony cried when vet put his fingers in his mouth. Only sound made in exam room by any of the pups.

3-Apr-17 Sir Lancelot and Marc Antony followed me into the vet room very well. Scarlett, Romeo and Cleopatra resting well when I go back for Scarlett - to get the dewormer.

3-Apr-17 Both the vet and the vet tech say all are moaners. Now this note says the only noise is Sir Lancelot when Dr. Morath put a finger in his mouth.

3-Apr-17 Romeo was wretching when we arrived. Put him out of the car and all OK. All the girls jumped up at the vet tech. Some fussiness on the way home but all quiet within 10 minutes.

3-Apr-17 Cleopatra and Marc Antony look like twins in the crate - same pose, same size.

2-Apr-17 Vet check. All clear - Cleopatra might be a bit plugged up. All 4 boys testicles down. Dr. Morath tells those who call to wait 'til 6 months to spay / neuter, as that's when sex organs are mature. Waiting for a year is better.

2-Apr-17 2 -year old visitor steps on Scarlett who sleeps through all

2-Apr-17 Cleopatra, Marc Antony tug over paper feed tray. Cleopatra wins and proudly runs with it. Now Sir Lancelot tugs. Cleopatra wins.

2-Apr-17 Rhett plays in the sandbox.

2-Apr-17 Seems like it's a stare down between Marc Antony and Cleopatra. Marc Antony breaks the stare and prances to Cleopatra to play.

2-Apr-17 Sir Lancelot gets his head caught between gate of fence. Screamed. Hard to pull it out.

2-Apr-17 Sir Lancelot is almost as good as Romeo for his nail trim. He didn't take a treat right away.

1-Apr-17 I see blood on the kitchen floor. Too early for Katy's heat .. Is it in her pee?

1-Apr-17 All pups romp in back yard. Marc Antony and Cleopatra discover sandbox and dig, Sir Lancelot, too, but leaves.

1-Apr-17 Rhett and yellow are fastest into the house. Sir Lancelot and Marc Antony stop in the garage and lie down

1-Apr-17 Leave Marc Antony, Romeo and Rhett in crate while Oskar's here, Sir Lancelot, Scarlett, Romeo and Cleopatra in wrap around. I open the door and Sir Lancelot finds his way out right away.

1-Apr-17 Yellow loves Dakota. Yellow rolls over and paws Dakota, licking her in the face. Scarlett, too. Dakota smiles.

1-Apr-17 While spraying out the wrap around, some spray must hit Cleopatra, as she bites at it, just like Katy, Dakota and Diamond do

1-Apr-17 Yellow and Cleopatra join Katy and I for our walk down Paxton. Yellow is always on my right. Cleopatra is sometimes on yellow's left, sometime's on my left. Yellow whimpers throughout. Both didn't want to start out. With prompting they came, starting about 20' behind Katy and I. I turn on the flashlight to see which is which (yellow / Cleopatra) and now they follow fine.

1-Apr-17 Coming back from our walk, it sounds like snoring. Being outside and running a long ways tired them out. Yeah !

1-Apr-17 Sir Lancelot bow / stretches, facing in direction of Scarlett about 15' away; Scarlett does the same. Then Sir Lancelot walks towards Scarlett and they play. Romeo joins in to make it a threesome

1-Apr-17 Romeo, ScarlettRhett and Cleopatra are laying on the landing beside kitchen door; I open the door, Rhett and Cleopatra slip in. Sir Lancelot and yellow are somewhere in garage

1-Apr-17 As much as yellow disliked her nail trim tonight, she nodded off in my lap afterwards

1-Apr-17 yellow sees her reflection in the glossy door of the dishwasher. Cute

1-Apr-17 about the time K was here for an Airbnb night, Scarlett hides in the culvert .

1-Apr-17 yellow plays a lot with Dakota today.

31-Mar-17 Dakota scares off Romeo when she's eating. He'd wandered up to her area after finishing breakfast in the wrap aorund. Poor guy. Katy leaves the pups food alone when I let her in. She stands to nurse them. Some nurse, some eat the food, some back and forth. \

31-Mar-17 pups really explore the yard after being fed in the kennel. I see Romeo and Scarlett outside the window of Allison's old bedroom. I knock on the window and they come over, one at a time.

31-Mar-17 Romeo and Scarlett play with Dakota in the back yard, then later I see them off the drive way. Sir Lancelot off exploring. Cleopatra, Rhett, yellow, Sir Lancelot and Marc Antony in garage.

31-Mar-17 I dip all the pups in the sled full of water. No strong reactions from anyone.

30-Mar-17 Ashley brings Lauren and Brianna to play. I find them trying to keep Rhett and Scarlett in the kitchen area. We move to the fenced kitchen play area and I bring in Sir Lancelot. Fun session. Pups promptly come over to say hi when I step in.

30-Mar-17 Dakota stays with Cleopatra, Romeo and yellow while Katy and I take Marc Antony on a walk. Rhett, Scarlett and Sir Lancelot stay in the indoor play area after Lauren, Brianna and Ashley leave.

30-Mar-17 Taking Marc Antony on the walk down Paxton, he doesn't follow all that well. Katy and I continue down and call him to come. He comes a little, but not much. So Katy and I back track, calling 'puppy puppy'. Now 15' away or so, he comes. And falls in place for the walk all the way down Paxton and around the cul-de-sacs. I only pick him up when a couple cars come by. He seems to know where to turn in when we get home. Cute !

30-Mar-17 Sir Lancelot gets stuck around the terrarium as he tries to climb out of the fenced kitchen play area.

30-Mar-17 I step on Scarlett's front right foot trying to navigate through the garage. She squawks then favors it, but seems to be fine later.

29-Mar-17 I let the kids out when checking on them at lunch. Marc Antony didn't want to rejoin the others even with a food bribe placed in the kennel.

29-Mar-17 Placing dessert in the wrap around chain link to bribe the pups into the chain link area, worked fine, except Marc Antony. He turned around went went the other way, moving faster once he figured out what I wanted. The little stinker !

28-Mar-17 OK, so there are still a few escapees in the corner that doesn't fit real well on the chain link. I moved a large box in front of the weakness. Seems to be OK now. Whew.

28-Mar-17 Apart from being able to explore the big world outside, hosing down the play area is so much easier than pick up and mop ! Thank you weather ! The pups are enjoying it, too.

27-Mar-17 I find all out of pen except Cleopatra, Marc Antony and Rhett.

27-Mar-17 Cleopatra comes back in the house when I take the pups out to feed.

27-Mar-17 I moved the pups to the outdoor wrap around kennel. Wow does that make a difference in clean-up and confinement, though Sir Lancelot did manage to slip out.

27-Mar-17 Later, all pups play with Dakota but yellow.

27-Mar-17 Pups spent the first night in the wrap around very calmly. Yeah !

26-Mar-17 Cleopatrae and Sir Lancelot like the antler. Cleopatra barks at it.

26-Mar-17 I take Sir Lancelot and Romeo outside for Katy and Dakota to watch. Scarlett and yellow join about an hour later.

26-Mar-17 Scarlett falls from the stool as we take pictures. She seems all right.

26-Mar-17 Sir Lancelot and Scarlett wander half way down the drive to play with Dakota. Dakota bows and plays with them.

25-Mar-17 Sir Lancelot finishes nursing then kisses Katy as she stands to continue nursing rest of pups.

25-Mar-17 Dakota barks loudly at Marc Antony, as he tries to share her food. Sir Lancelot whinces and hides. ****

25-Mar-17 I can't keep this crew in ! Sir Lancelot, Scarlett and now yellow escape again

24-Mar-17 Katy goes to the pups pen early in the morning. I go back to bed and awake to sucking noises that are close. Sir Lancelot and yellow are out with Katy. Put them back and yellow escapes again. And again.

24-Mar-17 This fence isn't study enough .. yellow, Romeo, Sir Lancelot and Scarlett escape.

24-Mar-17 I find the candy dish on the ground … A couple pieces seems gone / chewed up, including a piece of chocolate. Should I suspect Sir Lancelot ? ****

24-Mar-17 (date wrong?) Carpenter visits. Marc Antony and Rhett cuddle before he leaves for a lunch break. The rest wake up. Then Rhett goes to the pillow. Marc Antony now asleep.

24-Mar-17 (date wrong?) Katy steps on yellow while we're playing fetch. Yellow whines and keeps her distance.

23-Mar-17 Sir Lancelot, yellow and Scarlett are out after work .

23-Mar-17 first thunderstorm of the season. Sir Lancelot shivers when we're outside.

23-Mar-17 Sir Lancelot follows me and a friend as we start a walk. So I carry him - down Paxton and the cul-de-sac. Then 1/2 way up, I let him walk. He keeps up, not really a problem. Guess we have a new walking partner for awhile Katy ! I'll take one or two at a time 'til they go to their new families !

23-Mar-17 guest / friend says the litter's vocal (Airbnb Af. American gal). Says they're trying to talk to us.

23-Mar-17 Cleopatra, Romeo and Sir Lancelot respond to my 'come' call from side of pen

23-Mar-17 coming home after work and workout Sir Lancelot greets me in the kitchen. No damage except 3 poop times. Good grief.

23-Mar-17 pups have outing in back yard until I see a hawk in the tree. The last two pups play with (another) deer tail Katy brought to the berm tonight :-(

23-Mar-17 Return from Bible study, I'm greeted by Sir Lancelot. He runs and plays with Katy and Dakota. What a sweet heart he is.

22-Mar-17 checking pups at lunch, Cleopatra, yellow and Romeo are out in kitchen. Marc Antony then joins from somewhere. Don't see any evidence of pups being on loose.

22-Mar-17 took pups outside at lunch. Fun. 38 degrees. All seem fine, no shivers.

22-Mar-17 Rhett plays a lot with Dakota outside. A few minutes later though he's the one off on his own. Romeo chews Katy's tether.

22-Mar-17 take the pups outside after work for about an hour of play. 35 degrees and all are fine. They play first with Dakota. I love to see Dakota bow play. She has her happy smile and is very animated. Marc Antony, Romeo and Rhett try to follow me back into the house.

22-Mar-17 Cleopatra, yellow and Sir Lancelot make it up the stairs to the kitchen. The others stay at the bottom and cry. Coaxing helps Romeo. The others not. I took a short video.

22-Mar-17 Marc Antony's ears are straight up ! Seem kind of round at the top .

21-Mar-17 coming home at noon, I find Dakota and Katy working at the corner of a Chewy delivery. Looked pretty innocenet .. Until I peek inside and see 96% of the grain free salmon treats are GONE ! Interesting that they chose that corner and good thing I came home !

21-Mar-17 outing in driveway after work. Weather seemed nice but Cleopatra shivvered and shivered after about 20 minutes

21-Mar-17 I muzzle strain Cleopatra's squeaks after feeding. Not sure if she's hunger or wants me.

21-Mar-17 both Romeo's ears are up !

20-Mar-17 I take the pups out to the driveway at lunch. 54 degrees. I choose the 2 or 3 who were quiet to take outside. That's why (wojh and who?) were last. They were out for 15 minutes or so. Scarlett was in the first group. She seems to shiver a bit when I brought the next group. Overall, she was the most unsure of her surroundings. When I went out to bring them in, all were under my car, except Rhett. He came over from the west side of the wrap-around.

20-Mar-17 Rhett is at the bottom of the garage stair well. As I retrieve him, Romeo and a white slide down the stairs. I catch them. They don't seem frightened. Just surprised ?

20-Mar-17 pups playing with Katy. I call to come in - yellow, Cleopatra stay to play with Katy

20-Mar-17 Cleopatra tumbles from 2nd step through the sides. Landed on back. Squawked but movement fine, seems OK. Marc Antony also made it to step 2 but turned around and rather rolled down the stairs. Scarlett, yellow and Rhett (what? What note?)

20-Mar-17 bringing pups back in from back yard outing, I bring 3 in and head back out - Cleopatra and Marc Antony are now up to the landing. Good pups! Sir Lancelot and Romeo are last in. I always trying to pick up and carry the pups who are waiting patiently.

20-Mar-17 Romeo's ears are even stronger flying nuns ears

20-Mar-17 I bonked Scarlett with the mop. She seems to respect it now. Not fearful, not cowering. I can be 6" away and she stays and watches.

20-Mar-17 yellow bow barks at the mop

19-Mar-17 I move the smaller dog bed in the pen, replacing the larger one. (Protected it, yes.) Now the pups seem to be choosing to nest together against the fence, near where I pick them up or return them. Do they not like the smaller bed? Or do they (or a few leaders ...) relate that spot to being picked up first?

19-Mar-17 These pups are good sleeprs. They seem to be adjusting to their surroundings.

19-Mar-17 outside - yeah ! Took Sir Lancelot, Scarlett and Cleopatra first, then Scarlett. They explore Katy.

19-Mar-17 Sir Lancelot, Scarlett and Cleopatra first. Scarlett explores Katy

19-Mar-17 Reward Cleopatra for potty on paper. When I call to her, she comes over.

19-Mar-17 Sir Lancelot follows me

19-Mar-17 Scarlett, Romeo and Cleopatra potty on the paper. Dark and Sir Lancelot don't

19-Mar-17 then Marc Antony and Scarlett poop on the paper

19-Mar-17 I downed Marc Antony again for rough play. But he wasn't as bad this time

19-Mar-17 took pups for 1st play outside - Scarlett and yellow, then added Marc Antony and (Rhett or Romeo? Check the video), then added Sir Lancelot, Cleopatra and (Rhett or Romeo? Check the video)

19-Mar-17 they all play with Katy - who REALLY seemed to enjoy it, making them chase her, lot of play invite body posture.

19-Mar-17 later in day I take pups out to the driveway area. Fun ! Dakota is GREAT at playing with them. Play bows, chase me, and BIG smile on her face.

19-Mar-17 bringing them back in, I find yellow in the snow by the front stop. She doesn't seem to notice anything's different.

18-Mar-17 Romeo's ears look like the flying nuns. I tried to get a picture. Part up, folded at the tips. Cleopatra's left ear was up all the way 'til she moved.

18-Mar-17 I correct Romeo for wrestling a bit rough on top of a white.

18-Mar-17 lots of newspaper use - yeah !

16-Mar-17 Sir Lancelot wants out. I wait for him to be quiet then let him have a solo eating session, as he's been the smallest pup the past couple of weeks. He finishes eating then is such a lover.

16-Mar-17 Working in the kitchen area, I hear a click. Turning around, I see yellow wandering the floor. The click was the fence line bouncing back against the wall as she squeezed through.

16-Mar-17 tonight I see Marc Antony's left ear straight up ! By the time I get my camera, it's back down. Maybe a fluke - but maybe an early sign ? Seems early, though.

15-Mar-17 after pups are fed, yellow finds her way out of the pen. I hold and feed her, then put her back. A few minutes later, she trots back over to the gate - and finds her way out again, exploring the floor as she finds her way to me on the kitchen side.

15-Mar-17 a few minutes later, yellow is out again. I block the exit (she noses her way by the barrier)

15-Mar-17 Sir Lancelot squawks to get out, standing over Juliet. I'm afraid he's too loud for the guests, so I let him out to explore.

15-Mar-17 yellow out - twice - after nursing. :-(

14-Mar-17 I hear a 'yip' while vacumming -- 'tis yellow

13-Mar-17 Marc Antony has big eyes - great grandma Diamond and grandma Dakota

13-Mar-17 dog trainer from Leashes and Leads visits with her family. Love her comment -- "these pups already have bite inhibit. So young.!" (I learned that bite inhibit means a soft bite.) Way to go Katy and Dakota !

12-Mar-17 Georgie's mom says this litter seems more vocal. That seems opposite of what I've been hearing. But what she meant was they moan more. Sounds of contentment.

11-Mar-17 yellow approaches me then retreats. Seems to be a pattern - approaching then retreats if you step forward

11-Mar-17 visitors ! Cleopatra growl plays on yellow

10-Mar-17 Now all the pups are out -- I find Rhett, Sir Lancelot and Cleopatra, crying at the bottom of the stairs. Yikes !

10-Mar-17 is it Cleopatra who's playing mean? All OK when I walk to the play area. Will keep an eye out.

10-Mar-17 watching movement - Cleopatra might have it? (i.e., a signal for good structure - though pups are still wobbly on feet, so perhaps too early to make note)

10-Mar-17 I find Scarlett (?) cuddled on the dog bed with Dakota, on top of my swimsuit (I took a picture, so I should be able to tell color. I think it was Scarlett.)

9-Mar-17 Checking on pups at lunch, only yellow and Sir Lancelot are in their play area. I find Cleopatra, Romeo and Rhett in the kitchen, Marc Antony in the living room, Scarlett is under the living room chair when I check on pups at lunch.

8-Mar-17 Sir Lancelot lower canine in .. Weaning next week-end ..

8-Mar-17 take Rhett and Cleopatra out to play. Rhett figures out how to go back in by squeezing through barrier, rejoins siblings

8-Mar-17 Marc Antony and Scarlett join Cleopatra to sleep in tight places; Rhett and Sir Lancelot wrap around glass vase; yellow and Romeo on bed

8-Mar-17 Marc Antony looks right at me and barks - and barks - and barks. I "Samson" him - meaning hold him on his back on floor, not letting him go as he kicsks and cries, until he calms down; a put him back with siblings and a few minutes later he looks at me as if he wants to be held, so I do . yeah ! ? !

7-Mar-17 all were calm for their 3 week pictures. The Marc Antony was calm before the feeding, which is different for him. Pictures of the rest were taken after feeding. So some looked a bit sleepy.

7-Mar-17 Scarlett seems very fluffy. And vocal.

7-Mar-17 Katy is nursing better. I put the large dog bed back. She's lying down again to nurse. Before, she was standing on the smaller dog bed. Her feeding seemed much more intermittent.

7-Mar-17 These pups will be spoiled - they spend most of their time on the soft large dog bed !

7-Mar-17 Romeo explores the kitchen floor. He scoots under the legs of the rolling desk. So cute.

7-Mar-17 Marc Antony and Scarlett are out. Marc Antony wandered but then cried. He wanted to be with his friends. Scarlett was nose to floor sniffing.

5-Mar-17 Rhett has white spot under chine; Marc Antony settles in arms on back, rubbing his chest; Rhett fell asleep in weigh tub; calmness: Rhett most, Scarlett, Sir Lancelot, yellow, Romeo and Cleopatra the same level; Marc Antony more exicted

4-Mar-17 Katy doesn't go right after her food. Then she regurgitated all on the living room floor. It has some bloddish snot texture - just a little. Drank water. Will give broth.

4-Mar-17 yellow bite plays Sir Lancelot ear

4-Mar-17 Marc Antony really settles when held

3-Mar-17 Cleopatra fusses a bit when picked up. Then snuggles. Such a warm calm I feel. Love :-)

1-Mar-17 Cleopatra hanging off gain. Theese puppies are softies. Always on the dog pillow.

1-Mar-17 Marc Antony is the best pup on all fours. Maybe because he's biggest. He might be a loner? (Maybe like 1/2 brother Thor?)

28-Feb-17 It feels great to be the dog whisperer. The 2nd time on linoleum, all were fussing. I sit down in the middle of the pen and pick up yellow and Rhett. They settle in my lap. Romeo and Marc Antony climbed onto my lap and settle. Cleopatra settles at my side. Marc Antony leaves and yaps, shall I say forever. I pick up Scarlett and she settles.

28-Feb-17 Gosh I wish I could lie down with a puppy blanket ! Returning in 20 minutes or so, Rhett and Marc Antony are in one pile, the rest in another. (Marc Antony explored the pen - I threw soft rope and he followed. Put him back in the pile and he was better. )

28-Feb-17 Cleopatra is out in my room - nosing to the door. Oh boy, another Dora explora

28-Feb-17 uh - oh -- pee on bedding

28-Feb-17 (now yellow) and Cleopatra like tight spaces - sleep between cushion and futon edge

27-Feb-17 tried out new play area - linoleum - loud ! Cute video

27-Feb-17 calmness meter: Sir Lancelot and yellow - very very calm; Rhett and Romeo, very calm; Cleopatra and Scarlett, calm; Marc Antony - Mr. Spirit

26-Feb-17 starting to play with each other; Cleopatra nibbles Sir Lancelot and paws at him

25-Feb-17 Romeo is trying to peek with eyes a bit. As is Scarlett.

25-Feb-17 Rhett - eyes are big !

25-Feb-17 when weighing - Marc Antony doesn't like being weighed; Cleopatra and Rhett OK, Sir Lancelot, so calm, as are yellow, Romeo and Scarlett

25-Feb-17 sometime between midnight and 6:30 I awake to yapping. Cleopatra is out on the linoleum.

25-Feb-17 Marc Antony and Rhett and Romeo are out - Katy fed them. Katy brings them a purple stuffed fish

25-Feb-17 Rhett and Cleopatra have rounder heads

24-Feb-17 Sir Lancelot seems longer and wavier coat

23-Feb-17 Lauren and Brianna play with pups. Katy is very accepting - she even chooses to sit in the other room.

23-Feb-17 Katy comes back all muddy ! Hope I get all the shampoo out !

22-Feb-17 Cleopatra has a bigger head than others

21-Feb-17 Scarlett - a crier ? All pups laid back about an hour after eating

19-Feb-17 Cleopatra is out again. Sleeping peacefully on the dog pillow at side.

19-Feb-17 I hear squeals from the bedroom. Checking, I find Katy with Scarlett on my bed.

19-Feb-17 Sir Lancelot coat looks longer and wavier - different than rest.

19-Feb-17 Marc Antony is noisy !

19-Feb-17 Sir Lancelot is calm !

19-Feb-17 I hear Katy whine, as if something's wrong with the puppies. I find Cleopatra resting in the corner of the futon's lower level. I move her back to Katy who steps in to love her. Cleopatra seems to be the one who is out - thought Katy moved her but maybe she moved on her own ?

17-Feb-17 checking on Katy about 10:30, Romeo and Cleopatra are on the dog bed just next to the futon. After work, Katy starts pulling out quilet stored beneath the bed. And again after Bible Study. Strange. After Bible study, I find Cleopatra all by herself in the middle of my bed. Yikes ! Good thing they don't really move yet ! ??? why is she moving the puppies? Wanting them to enjoy her usual sleeping spot ?

16-Feb-17 Getting ready for work, I forgot that Dakota was outside. So let Katy out to pee. Thankfully I kept the GPS on Katy .. I picked them up about 10 minutes later on Salem Lane (~ 7:50. Phew - they covered a lot of ground !

15-Feb-17 I check on Katy about 10:30. (**** insert what I texted to girls and Mike).

15-Feb-17 About 10:30, checking on Katy I find an empty nest. All are with her on the lower futon at the foot of the bed. Whew ! There's been a scare of missing GSDs in SE MN. Scary !

15-Feb-17 About 10:30, I check on Katy. (**** see the text to the girls and Mike …, enter it here ..)

15-Feb-17 With Katy outside pottying, Dakota came in. She checked the puppies closely - diaper check !

15-Feb-17 I think Dakota would come into milk and nurse like Diamond did for one of her litters. Too bad she's spayed !

15-Feb-17 pigment coming in -- Cleopatra 1st ?

15-Feb-17 Checking on the pups at lunch or after work, I find an empty futon nest .. I freak out, as there are numerous reports of dog nappings ! But Katy had moved them all (to where? See pictures ..)

14-Feb-17 Coming in from eating outside, Katy grabs a stuffed toy bunny. Carries it to the whelping pen. She whines and goes to the other side of the room. I check pen - 1 white kind of under folds of sheet. Katy seems relieved when I pick her out.

14-Feb-17 Cleopatra itches with hind leg. So cute

14-Feb-17 Katy comes out and kisses Dakota - who seems nervous. I left Katy out and check her pups. 1 is caught in the sheet again. Sheet now gone !

13-Feb-17 pups are spreading out away from Katy. Trying to get to heating lamp?

13-Feb-17 Rhett likes to hang out on the back side of the futon pen.

13-Feb-17 Sir Lancelot - a lover ! Sleeping with paw on buddy

13-Feb-17 Rhett has more brown on top of back of feet than Romeo.

13-Feb-17 Rhett has beautiful chest

13-Feb-17 Rhett got drenched with birth of #6. drenched again with birth of #7. he likes to hang out at Katy's back side

13-Feb-17 Scarlett got drenched with birth of #6, too