Katy - Born 31 March 2014, Katy's dam is Eclipse Diamond 'n Dakota, GBF (Dakota) and her sire is Worrywort Raphael Kaleb (Kaleb). She has a wonderful, loving, playful temperament, and top health clearances (OFA-certified good hips and normal elbows, MDR normal / normal, clear DM (by parentage), clear results for the top five GSD health hindrances), three championships, a solid, gentle temperament, and a floating stride. See http://www.didaKaleb.webs.com for Katy's youngest days.  We are proud to pass on her lineage. 
Unfortunately, Katy is no longer with us. Her life was taken while running free on a neighboring farmer's property in April of 2017. 

Katy was mated with Juel's Return to Sanity (Titan a.k.a. buddy).